Dogue Dogs

Dogue 001 Kristie lee photographerDogue dogs KristieleephotographerDogue- 060 Kristieleephotographer cDogue- 095 Kristie lee photographer copyDogue- 078 KristieleephotographerKristieleephotographer

I have been doing a special project with Dogue “Manly” for the last few weeks and every time I am there I fall in love with every single one of the pups.
They all have a unique story and come from different backgrounds. There is Bella, the black puggle, who looks like quite a mature lady, with a salt and pepper coat.
Though she is only 5 years old and actually turned almost grey over night from a traumatic experience. There is baby Beau the 5 month old French bulldog who can not control his booty wiggling, it has a mind of it’s own and is ridiculously gorgeous. I could go on and on about each of these fur babies and the wonderful people at Dogue,
but for now I just want to share some images of the sweet furry faces that belong to the Dogue family at Manly. Enjoy!

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