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Lacey Playing dress ups
Little Miss Lacey, LOVES to dress up. I have never meet a dog that gets this excited about clothes. I have met dogs that will tolerate it, but as you can see by the video she is totally flipping out about choosing an outfit for the day. Cutest thing ever! She is a lady about town and absolutely loves getting out and about in her furry fashion. She loves any attention, compliments, sleeping in, cuddling, being held, walks, running around, eating, going shopping, traveling (planes, trains, automobiles, she does it all), the wind in her hair, laying in the sun (especially at the beach or floating on a raft in the pool- as long as she doesn’t get wet!) Just your typical girl! She hates sneezing and will run to attack an obnoxious sneezer. She maybe small, but she has one of the biggest personalities I have ever seen in a dog! I can’t wait to she what she chooses to wear next!

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