NYC Halloween Dog Parade 2014

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This years 24th Annual Halloween Dog Parade in Tompkins Square was a huge success once again. 100’s of people and their pets really went all out with such creative, colorful costumes. Some scary, some cute and all really really creative. The crowd pleasers were definitely, Mamma Biscuit as Stevie Nicks at the top. Khaleesi and Jon Snow with there 3 baby Chihuahua/Dragons. The winners being the RMS Titanic with Rose, Jack and the captains. Some of my personal favorites being Miss Vixen as Pugcasso, the little baby bulldog named Pork Chop, dressed as the sweetest squishy pumpkin you have ever seen. Plus the brave kitty called Taco, who dressed up as a puppy and seemed to go successfully unnoticed by all the other pups on the day. Being a dog photographer, you can imagine how much I loved being able to capture all the little furry faces waiting for their turn to parade around the ring. If I did take your dogs photo on the day, please feel free to email me for your image. I tried to get as many up on the blog as I could, but I had to try and keep it under control. ha ha!
Happy Halloween! 🙂

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