Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from me and my cute Spider-Pug! ❤


Miss Rosie, lives with her Mom & Dad in Williamsburg, Brookyln, New York. She also spends a few days a week at doggie daycare with her other furry friends. We actually saw one of her friends from daycare, on the street doing this shoot. They got very excited and we ended up having to move in a different direction. Rosie is a typical city…

Rhoda & Cooper

These two brown, black and white babies are true New York City Dogs. Rhoda was the first to adopt owners Chris & Bill. She was named after Rhoda Morgenstern, in the 70’s TV show, set in NY. Then Cooper was being fostered in the same building a few years later. When one day they all met in the elevator and it was love at…

Barkfest 2015

Yesterday was the 2nd Annual Barkfest dog festival, hosted by very popular BarkBox creators Bark & Co here in New York. It was a typical mid July, hot and steamy summer’s day over here in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There were lots of dog owners and dog lovers trying to keep cool, while enjoying all the fun doggy activities about. There were puppy pool parties, character drawings,…

Otis and the Studio

I am loving shooting in the Broadway studio and around the Williamsburg area. Otis is a rescue dog and like many adopted pups, they can tend to be shy and timid at first. Though being able shoot in the studio and take a walk outside the studio, we can get a variety of backgrounds, that really show the dogs personality and the iconic backdrops…


Miss Shelby G, is high energy! A typical Collie dog, who never stops herding, chasing and keeping a close watch on her family. As soon as she gets loose she is off like a rocket, chasing anything that moves. Lucky she has lots of wide open spaces to roam around on, out in the Pines of New Jersey. She is happiest when she is…

Memorial Day

Lets also remember all the brave dog soldiers that fort for their country on Memorial day! <

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mum’s out there! Thanks for putting up with the drama. 🙂

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo !!!